Pushing the Perception of Pontoons

Clarks Marine & The Lake City Skiers attempt to pull 8 barefoot skiers behind a Manitou SHP Pontoon equipped with an Evinrude G2 Outboard.

The Challenge

On a brisk autumn day. The Lake City Skiers and Clarks Marine, Inc have gathered here at Hidden Lake in Warsaw Indiana, to take on a unique challenge.

To show the world what can be done with a pontoon.

But this is no ordinary pontoon. This is a Manitou with the Sport Handling Package, better known as the SHP with Patented V-toon Technology.

A true innovation to the Pontoon Industry.

This Manitou is equipped with a brand new, state of the art, Evinrude Etec G2. Making this pontoon a performance powerhouse, delivering maximum acceleration, speed, and unmatched maneuverability.

This pontoon accelerates, planes, and turns more like a performance ski boat, rather than a luxury Pontoon.

Clark’s Marine, in North Webster Indiana, and The Lake City Skiers believe in this boat’s potential. Wanting to put Manitou’s cutting edge V-toon technology to the test. He reached out to the Lake City Skiers, in attempt to pull a barefoot skiing line.

The Lake City Skiers are Three-time National Division 2 Show Ski Champions, with members who have competed all over the world. They have confidence in their abilities, and that this SHP will have what it takes to get them up to speed on this small lake.

The size of the lake poses one of the greatest challenges in this unofficial record-breaking attempt. In just under a 750 feet. Cory needs to pull the skiers up to approximately 45 miles per hour for the skiers to even attempt to get on their bare feet.

Will they have what it takes?

Check out the Full Mini-Documentary below.

Pushing the Perception of Pontoons Full Mini-Documentary

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